1Life Students

We start with the WHY

We strive to see young people grow in God through two main curriculums. The WHY and the HOW. In 1Life, our young people are taking a deeper look into knowing why they believe what they believe and then how they can apply that to their lives.

Each month the 1Life students are asked to serve all over the building.  From cameras,  to teaching in Discovery Island Children's ministry, to giving announcements and sometimes even delivering their own message. They shadow our adult volunteers so that they can put into practice what they are learning in class. They also attend main service once a month, taking part in the worship experience and listening to the message, which we follow up with a discussion.

Uniting  Ages 11-17

 Lead by a team of highly skilled teachers and ministers,  our older youth encourage and help mentor younger pre-teens. Because of this practice, bonds are formed through peer interaction as they discover truths side by side. By involving pre-teens & teens in peer-group discussion and creative expression, our prayer is that by the time they leave 1Life, they are strong and excited about moving forward into all that God has for them! 

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