Pastors & Staff

Duane Butler

Senior Pastor

I am a husband of one and a father of four and thoroughly enjoy being both.  I also serve as the senior pastor here at World Worship Church.  In this role I have the opportunity to follow after my passion which is teaching people to know what they believe in Christ.  I believe we worship a great, BIG God who has great, BIG plans for His people.  And as a part of World Worship Church, I have seen this idea come about in my life and others, and wish to see the same in yours.  I love good food, great conversations, and learning more about people, their experiences and this wonderful world in which God has placed me and you.  I also enjoy great music, performance poetry, and a good meal with a movie. And yes, being a transplant from Pennsylvania, I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan!

Kendra Butler

Administrative Pastor

Hello!! I am Kendra Butler, Administrative Pastor at World Worship Church. I am wife to Pastor Duane and mother to 4 wonderful children. I also have two fur babies. Anyone will tell you that I love a good book and I am constantly encouraging others to read. I've been a member of World Worship Church for a number of years and have had the great pleasure of serving in different areas of the ministry.  My favorite area of service has been with the women's ministry.  Serving in this capacity has allowed me to see God move, not just in my life but in the lives of the women I serve.  I am committed to loving God and loving His people.  I also take great pride in being part of a team that works diligently to create an unforgettable experience for people to worship our God, and experience Him in an amazing way.

Joshua Thomforde

Associate Pastor

Hello!  I'm Pastor Josh.  To be honest, if you see me at church, I'm probably a blur. I love World Worship Church, and have become the resident jack of all trades, because I really like learning new things and fixing problems. I have a beautiful wife of 15 years, and 4 amazing kids. I enjoy meeting new people, and I'm passionate about seeing God's will done in my life and those around me.  One of my favorite things is to see how God is working in our community,  and to come up with new ways for WWC to bring people closer to HIM!

Tayla Thomforde

Pastoral Assistant

Hey there! I'm Tayla, but I also answer to "Pastor Josh's wife". Josh and I have been married for 15 years, and have 4 little people (2 girls & 2 boys) under the age of 11. Being a mom is my #1 ministry. While it isn't quite as adventurous as my previous missionary experience, it comes pretty close most days. It gives me so much joy to be able to come alongside expecting moms, as well as moms of young children as we navigate our current sticky, complicated and mostly exhausted season of life.  The years are short, but the days are long...so let's do this together!

Darryl Wilson

Worship Director

Sports Fanatic. Family Fanatic. Pastor’s Kid. At World Worship Church, I am the high-jumping worship leader, who appreciates the privilege of sharing my worship to God with others. I enjoy working with an incredibly talented group of people who love God and want to use their gifts to edify Him. The opportunity to lead worship is special to me because I get to do it with my family (wife (Jossalyn) and 2 sons, but I also get to have a conversation with God in real-time and allow Him space to flow. I believe worship provides an opportunity to tap into a realm in which God can provide instruction and clarity. On any given day, one might hear me humming a variety of songs, but mainly Walter Hawkin's Thank You Lord, as it really sums up my gratefulness to God. 

Laurette Avery

Community Connection Coordinator

Hello! I'm Laurette Avery, the Connection Coordinator at World Worship Church. I am married, a mother of two sons and a daughter and a Nana of two grandaughters and a grandson. I have been a member of WWC for almost 15 years. My position as the Connection Coordinator allows me to hone in on my passion for knowing people, and their hearts. I, along with a team of individuals, have the awesome opportunity to connect with people as we continue to build our relationship with them that surpasses the first "Hello".  I can't wait to meet you!

Vanessa Butler

Building Administrator

Hey, Vanessa here! After relocating here from Chester, Pennsylvania to be closer to my family, I joined the World Worship Church team serving in two areas here at the church. I am a part of the Connection Team, and also communicate with the contractors who service the building. Administrating the church's mission is always in my forefront.  Love God, Love People, Think BIG. Some of my happier times are spending time with my grandchildren, and the Golden Girls.