Reach Out Charlotte
Evangelism happens all over the city of Charlotte. We have partnered with Keep Charlotte Beautiful and have adopted city streets throughout our community. We also host other various community events.
World Missions Outreach
World Worship Church supports missionaries Larry & Donna Wright and their work in Nicaragua.  World Missions Outreach provides food for over 15,000 children daily, education for almost 300 children, and offers various health clinics.  
All Purpose Thursday
We meet every Thursday night at 7pm. There are several groups available where conversation is facilitated and friendships are formed.
Childcare from 6 MTHS to 10 YRS.

1Life Students


(11 – 14 YRS)(15 – 17 YRS)

By involving pre-teens & teens in peer group discussion and creative expression, our prayer is that by the time they leave 1Life, they are strong and excited about moving forward into all that God has for them.
1Life meets on Sundays, and on All Purpose Thursday at 7:00pm